Library & Resources

The College Library is well stocked and offers students an excellent selection of books and magazines.The institute aims to provide the best of reading material,event Reports, News,Journals etc.Library has modern ambience,service and facilities supplements by courteous staff.

Cultural Activities

The college organizes cultural activities on various occassions such as freshers party, Dandia,Youth Fest,"YUVA"(college week),Science and Techno exhibition and co-curricular activities during the session.



Infra Structural Facilities

Alankar College is recognized for it's major concern to all the students and parents about the availability and quality of accommodation and other facilities that's why the college provides following facilities to the students.


In order to avoid difficulty for the students to reach from far flung areas,the college provides the facilities of transportation from every nook and corner of the city.The institution has pressed into service,have fleet of buses for students to all corners of the city and rural areas.



Seminar & Workshops

The institution conducts workshops and seminars for BCA & P.G. Courses,So that Students can get immense opportunity to learn from  academics and industry experts and they can enable them to set realistic expectations about career options.

The college provides opportunities for students to excel in non academic field such as educational tour,survey and project assignments,industrial visits,botanical garden and Zoological garden visits are regular feature of college programs.

Book Bank

The College Library has Book Bank Scheme for all the students,in which a set of text books are loaned to the students for their use during the academic year.This is the part of inclusive education



Games and Sports

Games and sports activities are also an integral part of the college curriculum to ensure fullest and manifold development of the students enabling them to attain Good physical health,emotional and psycholoical stability and social adjustability.The college has playgrounds for volleyball,Kho-Kho,Badminton,Football,Cricket etc.Students actively participate in organizing games and sports events in order to develop organizational skills and leadership qualities.Annual sports and athletic meet are also conducting by the institution.To keep our students fit and Healthy and to maintain the vigor of body,mind and spirit,swimming clases and Yoga sessions are also being conducted by the college.These activities would always be the regular feature to all the hostel Residents and day scholars through out the year.


We have developed a highly advanced computer lab with latest computers connected in a LAN (Local Area Network).State-of-the-art laboratories for Physics,Zoology,Chemistry,Botany, Geography,Home Science,Psychology and Drawing and painting which are fully Equipped with the latest & modern equipments prescribed as per syllabus of the university.




Hostel Accommodation is availableon on the campus.It has eco-friendly and pollution free environment.The rooms are airy and spacious.The loving motherly care provided by hostel warden gives security to students.First Aid and 24 hours medical facility is available to resident students.Hostel forms are to be filled and submitted separately in the college office.Hostel has a modern mess and dinning hall with indoor games facility.

Communication Lab

To be able to speak and write lucidly and effectively,which is a fast growing need of the time,training in communication skills will prepare you to face interview,participate in group discussion and make a speech or presentation and write reports in proper language.It is mandatory for all the students to attend the communication lab classes.




We have two units of N.S.S. to develop the sense of social responsibility and commitment to the students towards society.This Scheme provides an opportunity to use academic skills in response to social challenges.


Academic club-The club organizes workshops,lectures,seminars and symposia during the academic session to supplement the knowledge.

Entrepreneurship Club-The Club provides motivation and guidance to students to become self reliant and confident to start their own enterprise or business.under this Programme students are taught tailoring food preservation,candle making and beauty tips under the guidance of home science department and alankar girls I.T.I.