About Us

About Us

Alankar P.G. Girls College  , Jaipur was established in the year 2006 as per the wishes of Late Shri Ram Pratap Kataria, who wished that a college for women be established at “Kataria Krishi Farm, Bishnawala, Jaipur”. His cherished vision took shape as “Alankar P.G. Girls College” and many well wishers from the field of education lent their shoulders for this noble cause.

We believe that education is much more than providing a degree.It provides the student with ample opportunity to themselves and develop their talents. Alankar P.G. Girls College embraces its responsiblity to address issue of gender in all of their complexity and urgency and to help students achieve the personal strength that will enable them to meet the challenges so that they can encounter these challenges throughout their lives.The institution thrives on high expectations.By setting rigorous academic standards and giving students the support they need to meet those standards, this college enables them to discover their own capablities. Learning in this unique environment, the students of Alankar P.G. Girls college become agile, resilient, responsible and creative, prepared to lead and serve the society. Education at college prepares students for an unpredictable future not by training them for particular careers but by teaching them how to strive and confronts with the challege of 21st century. 

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Governing Body
  • Every teacher shall accomplish his/her duty Proficiently and diligently to match with academic excellence set down by organization.
  • Every teacher shall update his/ her innovative ideas and skills to equip himself/ herself professionally for proper accomplish of duties assigned to her/him.
  • Teachers must report on duty on time as per working hours specified.
  • Teachers should implement integrity in their professional conduct and responsibility.
  • Accept and respect the uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of pupils and encourage their holistic development.
  • Avoid encounter between their professional work and private interest which could reasonably be deemed to impact negatively on students.
  • Do nothing in your reserved or public pursuits which will bring you professional disrepute.
  • Open conflict of whatever nature must be avoided.
  • Keep all records precise and up to date.
  • Treat your coworkers with courtesy and professional equals regardless of their status.
  • Demonstrate partisanship and appreciation of freedom with responsibility.
  • Deal justly with each student and work towards emergent good human relations.
  • Every teacher shall conduct himself/herself with dignity and appropriateness in his/her dealings with superiors, colleagues and students.
  • No teacher shall absent himself/herself from duty at any time without authorization of higher ups.
  • No teacher shall accept any symbolic or other assignment given to him/ her by any external agency without prior permission of college management.
  • No teacher shall assistant with any political party or take part in any organizational activity which is not in line with ethics of teaching profession.
  • No teacher shall act in any method that violates the norms of decency or morality.
  • No teacher shall incite or provoke any student or team member, into any form of action which disrupts academics activities of college.
  • Teachers should attend the college properly outfitted.
  • Teachers are lined from using cell phones while taking classes.
  • Do not inspire undue familiarity with students.
  • Do not burn, drink or eat during teaching sessions.
  • Do nothing by percept likely to immoral students.
  • Respect the privacy of information about a student unless required by law.
  • Do not distinguish on grounds of race, religion, gender, color or creed.
  • Participate in communal service.
  • Present facts without alteration bias or personal prejudice.
  • Do not use institutional or specialized privileges for personal advantage.
  • Teachers should not collect any money from students except when specifically authorized for any fund hovering programme.
Code of Conduct for Support Staff
  • Loyalty to institution by being punctual and reliable in all duties.
  • Maintain reliability by being honest in words and action.
  • Treat students with care and humanity.
  • Be kind and cooperate with staff members.
  • Exhortation from passing any information pertaining to college to any individual or agency.
  • Wear uniform provided by administration.
  • Exercise self discipline and restrain at all times and deal respectfully with staff, students and general public.
  • Must not remain absent from duty without certified approval.
  • Avoid immoral practices and not to do anything that will tarnish the image of college.
  • Notify to the principal immediately if there is judicious cause to suspect that student is likely to be harmed.
  • Practice malt and drug free lifestyle.
  • Non teaching staff working in research laboratory and library should maintain stock register.
Code of Conduct for Students
  • Dress up in a method that is appropriate for academic environment.
  • Interrelate with all members of college community with politeness and courtesy.
  • Respect differences in relation to gender, race, people, disability and religion.
  • Be diplomats of college in local area, extend respect to all members of local community.
  • User facilities like books, equipments and possessions provided to assist you in a careful and responsible manner.
  • Alert the college retreat staff if you are aware of any potential risk to yourself or others.
  • Carry your College ID at all periods when on campus.
  • Switch off your mobile phone in session.
  • Do not bring outsiders inside the college campus. If you are aware of any unlawful visitors you must report this to members of staff.
  • Avoid positioning litter inappropriately in college campus.
  • Do not be in control of any bladed article or offensive weapon or firearms.
  • Do not be in tenure of drugs, alcoholic beverages or intoxicants.
  • Gambling and burning is prohibited inside college campus.
  • Do not occupy in any violent or threatening behavior. Avoid intimidation, verbal slurs, insults or taunts, ridicule which may disrupt educational environment.
  • Do not perform in such a manner within or outside the college that may bring disrepute to college.
  • Maintain abstract integrity by not cheating or using unfair means during exams.
  • Do not steal or significantly posses stolen property.
  • Fire crackers and explosives are banned on campus.
  • Conduct which invades upon freedom or activities of others constitutes disorderly behavior.
  • Participation in on campus and off campus insurrections, demonstrations or activities which significantly disrupt the normal operations of college is prohibited.
  • Ragging is strictly banned.
  • The college forbids all forms of sexual harassment, sexual assault indecent exposure, stalking or any other gender based conduct.
  • The students should not destroy, corrupt or damage college computer equipments.
  • Parking of vehicles in no parking zones or in area reserved for other persons is not allowed.
  • Students are expected not to cooperate on behalf of institute with media representatives or invite media persons on campus without permission of authorities.
  • The students must maintain acceptable standard of academic performance. They must be committed to studies, attend classes regularly, participate actively and constructively in all the classrooms activities and complete all tasks billed to them.
  • The management appeals to all the troubled to work as a team in institution building and upgrading it into one of excellence in higher learning. Any break of code or associated policies will attract disciplinary action.
  • Always connect with your Mentor to get assistance for academic as well as personal problems.
  • 75% Attendance is compulsory.
  • Connect to the committees for various activities.
  • Always maintain discipline.
  • Follow the test series at given time.
  • Do not enter in the staff room without the permission of the lecturer.
  • All students should connect to the psychologist for counselling.
  • Keep in touch with lecturers for conferences, Debate, lecture series, departmental visits and students action programmes.
  • Strictly be clean and maintain cleanliness in institution
  • Strictly adhere to scheduled practical classes with proper discipline.
  • Always attend the language labs to make yourself language friendly.
  • Attend G.K. and reasoning classes to enhance your aptitude competence.
  • Always be aware to maintain the cleanliness in class room and college campus.
  • Save resources in the college campus.
  • Students wear college uniform to maintain discipline.
  • Follow all the rules and regulation set by the college authorities to maintain code of conduct of the institution.



The campus combines the beauty of the rural landscape & architectural master piece of Jaipur with all modern urban facilities.The silent, peaceful & tranquil atmosphere. Totally pollution free eco-friendly environment makes an ideal place of learning.The aim of management is to make it one of the leading institutes of the capital city which is amply substantiated by the infrastructural and instructional facilities developed within two years itself. The college strives hard to develop a true sense of liberal tolerence in its students towards all the religious, social, ethenic belief and background of every individual without any distinction of caste, colour and creed. We endeavour to develop a passion for excellence and determination to meet challenges 'Head on' through broad based skills with due emphasis on ethical and moral values.