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Report on Extension Activities


Extension activities are carried out in the neighborhood community, sensitizing students to social issues, for their holistic development, and impact thereof during the last five years.

Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya lays stress on social values and responsibilities to the faculty members and students by imparting extension activities in the neighborhood for holistic development of the society. The students are engaged in the extension activities. Apart from them, National Service Scheme also serve the society through One-day and Special Camp. In addition, outreach programs and invited lectures are also given to the community. The college maintains its social cohesiveness through extended activities in the neighborhood community to sensitize students about social issues

  • Consistently arranging Blood Donation Camps
  • Performing shramdan at NSS camps
  • Guidance on Female Feticide & Equality in Gender
  • Awareness Rally on Female Feticide & Traffic rules by NSS
  • Guidance on Women’s Health
  • Health Care Camp by NSS cell
  • Free eye checkup camp
  • Hair donation program for cancer patients
  • Aids awareness program by NSS cell
  • Self-employment promotion camp

All the above mentioned activities were conducted by Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya, just to aware the students about the social service values and definitely to serve the society. Every effort objected to diligeously serve the national cause. The upcoming heads are providing a report on the activities performed by the institution from time to time.

Session 2015-16: this session witnessed the following set of activities:

  1. Not me but you campaign: NSS unit of Alankar Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, started Not Me But You Campaign in college campus. The objectives of campaign were identify the needs and problems of the community and develop among themselves a sense of social responsibility.
  2. Girls Education Rally and Campaign: Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya organized a students’ rally for creating awareness for girls’ education among the masses. Nearly 200 students participated in the rally and through it an attempt was made to make the people of nearby locality think and pursue the girls’ education for the betterment of the society.
  3. Eye Check-up Camp: An Eye Check-up camp was held in Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya. A team of Eye specialists came to do eye check-up of the students and the camp was advantageous for the students as they got an opportunity to know more about various aspects of eye care. The doctors brought well-equipped eye examination tools to examine the students effectively. They also delivered a talk to the students about how to increase awareness and improve access to eye healthcare services. The objective of this event was to spread awareness on eye disorders, their early detection and detect refractive errors and eye ailments among students. The students also asked the queries which were solved by eye specialists. Attendees with eye problems requiring continuous medical attention were given referral slips. The camp turned out to be very beneficial for our students.This camp brought a change in behavior of the students and they had now started taking preventive measures to avoid eye health problems.
  4. Zero Discrimination Day: This day is celebrated on 1st March each year by United Nations (UN), the day aims to promote equality before the law in practice throughout all of the member countries of the UN. Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya celebrated the same to increase the confidence level of the girl students
  5. Earth Day Celebration: Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya organized “Earth Day” on 22nd April. On this occasion, various competitions, i.e., slogan writing, poster making, debate and quiz, were organized to make the students aware about the importance of our planet.
  6. Social Awareness Camp: A social awareness camp was organized by Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya for a period of 7 days. The camp made an attempt to create awareness about various social evils and different support measures from the government. For this purpose, various talkshows, seminars and speeches were organized.
  7. Rally on Road Safety: Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya conducted a rally on “Road Safety” measures to make the public aware about the various road safety measures, so that road accidents can be minimized. For this the people were told about various measures to stay safe on roads by posters.
  8. Nukkad Natak on Women Empowerment: Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya organized nukkadnatak on Women Empowerment”. The play was a small effort on the part of the students, dreaming of promising future for women.

Session 2016-17: This session witnessed the following set of activities:

  1. 7 days Health Check-up: A 7 days’ health check-up camp was organized in Dhankiya village in the vicinity of Jaipur by Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya. The camp objected to make the villagers aware about various health issues and importance of balanced diet
  2. Quiz Competition on “Social Issues”: A quiz competition was organized by Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya. The theme of quiz was “social issues” and nearly 50 students participated in it. The winners were given certificate and trophies.
  3. Human Rights Day:AlankarMahilaMahavidhalaya.celebrated “Human Rights Day” on December 10th, on this occasion poster and slogan competition was organized.
  4. World Environment Day: World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5th, students of various departments participated enthusiastically in the programme. They planted saplings to create green corner.
  5. National Youth Day: National Youth Day was celebrated on January 12th, to commemorate the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. A seminar was organized on the theme “Indian Youth for Development for Skill and Harmony”.
  6. Programme on Promoting Girl Hygiene: A programme for promoting girl hygiene was conducted. The programme oriented the students for good hygienic practices such as, use of sanitary napkins, washing and cleaning followed for maintaining girls’ hygiene and enable them to lead a healthy reproductive life.
  7. Literacy Day: On 8th September, International Literacy Day was celebrated. Various activities in the virtual classroom conducted to project their viewpoint in the form of slogans on literacy giving emphasis on education to build a more sustainable future.
  8. National Science Day: National Science Day was celebrated on February 28th, the celebration included public speeches, live projects, debates and many more activities. The theme of the day was “Science for the People and the People for Science” was extensively discussed.
  9. AIDS Awareness Programme: Awareness Programme on AIDS was organized by Red Ribbon Club and NSS unit, on January 6th in the college seminar hall. The members of RRC gave a powerpoint presentation on the AIDS issue and its prevention. The queries were answered by the speaker.

Session 2017-18:this session witnessed the following set of activities:

  1. Self Defence Training Programme: A self Defence Training Programme for college girls was conducted in association NCC. A total of 200 girls participated in it and they were trained for various techniques and stunts. They were also given important tips for defending themselves in every situation
  2. Rally on Girl Education: A rally was undertaken on girl education in “Gandhi Kachchi Basti” by the students for making the people aware about the importance of girl education. About 100 girls participated in it. The campaign aimed not only to educate the girls but lalso to encourage them and give them support to progress in life.
  3. International Girl Child Day: International Girl Child Day was celebrated on October 11th. On this occasion, an event was organized on the theme “Give the Girl Child the wings to Fly”. Various activities were undertaken to recognize the rights of girls and unique challenges. Many students were given the opportunity to speak on the observance of the international girl child day.
  4. 7-Days Traffic Safety Week: A 7 days camp on “Traffic Safety” was organized, to create awareness among the public regarding traffic rules. The theme of the programme was “sadaksuraksha, jeevanraksha”. During this week, various drawing and painting competition were organized alopng with quizzes and traffic games. The events were enjoyed and equally comprehended by the public.
  5. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan: It is everybody’s responsibility and one should keep themselves and their surroundings clean and hygienic. It also brings good and positive thoughts in the mind which slows down the occurrence of diseases. U.G. students have organised rally to promote Swachhbharat mission. Mass awareness created with Various slogan: “Bapukesapnekosakarkrna h, swachhbharatkeunkesapne me rang bharna h, gandagi se bade bimari se bade bimari, swachhatakikrotayari, chalosafaikiekaadat dale, gandagikokudedan me hi dale…. etc. Shramdan activities also been carried out at various streets of Dhankya village. Students have encouraged community people to join in swachhta activity. They have participated in shramdan and shown their willingness and interest to keep surroundings clean.
  6. Rashtriya Ekta Diwas: This Day was organized on October 31st, on the birth anniversary of SardarVallabh Bhai Patel. On this occasion, programmes like Run For Unity and Pledge Taking Ceremony were organized by NSS Unit of Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya.
  7. World Blood Donor Day: World Donor Day was celebrated on June 14th, the theme of the event was “Safe Blood for all”, the speakers gave a short talk on “Myths and Fcts of Blood Donation”. An Essay Competition and Debate was organized and the winners were felicitated.
  8. Eye Check-up Camp:A 7-days Eye Check-up Camp was organized in Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya. Around 175 students were tested by the experts in the camp. Free lenses and spectacles along with medicines and lunch packs were also distributed to the needy people.. in the camp, services of 5 eye-specialist were taken.
  9. The Stitching and Designing Workshop: Self-employment workshop on stitching and designing was organized for the students of Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya. In it the students were provided the tips and tricks to execute miticulated stitching and grow the same as career in the long run. The students were very much delighted to participate in the workshop and for learning something new. For the purpose of workshop, the college arranged for 25 sewing and embroidery machines. Along with that the main concern was to favour each and every student with a chance to work on the machine.

Session 2018-19 This session witnessed the following set of activities:

  1. Community Upliftment Programme:Alankar Mahla Mahavidhalaya organized the community upliftment program in collaboration of NSS. NSS volunteers gave their services in the field of Education, Health, Family and Nutrition, sanitization and cleanliness, disaster Relief and Rehabilitation. Along with that, campaigning against social evils and creating awareness about flagship Program of the Government like Digital India, Skill India and Promotion of Yoga.
  2. Quiz on Social Issues: A quiz was conducted in Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya in association with NSS Unit on the occasion of Zero Discrimination Day, i.e., March 1st, 2019. The quiz attempted to make the students aware about the extent and nature of the various social issues. Quiz had an objective of making the students knowledgeable, wise and compassionate.
  3. Play on Women Empowerment: On the occasion of International Women’s Day, i.e., March 8th, a play on women empowerment was enacted by the students. The play objected to actually inculcate the zeal among the students to become self-dependent in future and to promote sense of self-worth among them. The title of the play was “Datsak”.
  4. National Sports Day: National Sports Day was observed in Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya on August 29th, 2018. On this day a number sports activities were organized, such as, Handball, Basketball, Kabbadi, kho-kho and cricket. The winners were given a medal and memento by, Mr. Lalchand Katariya, Chairman, Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya.
  5. Tree Plantation Week: Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya organized the “Tree Plantation week” to take an initiative to plant trees in and around the institution. A total of around 150 trees planted and taken care by the students. Along with that saplings were distributed among the students, to plant them along the roadside.
  6. Sharamdaan Activity: The Staff and students of Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya organized the sharamdan activity in the Dhankiya Village. The streets and surroundings of the village were cleaned. Besides that, dustbins were placed at various places and people were made aware to use them.

Session 2019-20: This session witnessed the following set of activities:

  1. A Visit to Dhanakaya by NSS Unit: A visit to dhanakaya village was conducted by NSS coordinators on March 4th, 2020. The visit had an objective of advising village people to promote Social awareness, Health Awareness and importance of hygiene under the NSS banner. Ten faculty members with about 220 students went for the visit. During the visit interaction with rural women particularly on nutrition of Pregnant women, the health of the newborn child, vaccination and also on health hygiene.
  2. Health Talk and Cancer Awareness: A health talk with the student on Cervical Cancer and Breast Cancer was organized on March 3rd, 2020. Objective of the talk was to have an open interaction about the measures for reducing risks of cancer and help students to understand the importance of spotting cancer early and screening techniques available.
  3. Visit to Village regarding Women Hygiene: A visit to Kishorepura and Machwa village was organized for the students to spread awareness on “Women Health and Hygiene”. The students interacted with the rural women and girls regarding the importance of hand-wash and female hygiene habits. Free packets of sanitary napkins and hand sanitizers were distributed among the rural females. The villagers appreciated the efforts of students by their applause.
  4. Educational and Cultural Camp: A 7-days camp was organized by Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya with NSS for inculcating the educational and cultural values among the students. In this camp, the activities experienced by the students were lectures, seminars, group discussion, social campus events, career fairs and cultural festivals. The camp carried a very high level of learning value.
  5. Hair Donation Program for Cancer Patients: Hair Donation Program was conducted on March 8th, on the occasion of Women’s Day for providing a small gesture towards the cancer patients. Under it, the students were encouraged to donate their hairs and pack it according to the instructions provided. After that, the hairs were taken to the cancer patients. The students generously participated in the event; about 500 students donated their hair for the genuine cause.
  6. Divisional Level Essay Writing Competition: Alankar Mahila Mahavidhalaya organized the divisional level Essay Writing Competition on the topic “She in the world of Him”. The students gave a very logical presentation of ideas in it. Nearly 120 students participated in the competition. The winners were awarded by the Principal Ma’am, Dr. Kusum Choudhary.
  7. World Environment Day: World Environment Day was observed on June 5th, 2019. On this occasion the students organized a rally on “Don’t be Drastic, Say No to Plastic”. It was headed by NSS unit. Around 250 students participated in the rally. The rally started from Alankar Mahila Mhavidhalaya and covered areas of vaishali nagar and sirsi road. The students also carried placards with innovative slogans discouraging the use of plastic bags. Besides that, paper and cloth bags were distributed to the shopkeepers along the way
  8. Tie and Dye Workshop:A self-employment workshop was conducted in the Homes cience Department of AlankarP.G.Girls College under the guidance of Dr. Jaya Sharma (HOD). The workshop aimed at training the students with the correct technique of “Tie and Dye”. For fulfilling this objective, Badshah Miyan, an acclaimed lehariya expert, was invited as the master trainer. Each and every piece in his workshop is a master piece in itself, and has fascinating designs.
  9. The master trainer imparted the following knowledge and skills to the students:

    • History and relevance of TIE and Dye.
    • The basics of shibori –folding and binding techniques to create beautiful patterns.
    • Various tying techniques
    • The method of making a dye bath
    • Method of fixing colors on fabrics
    • The method of taking care of dyed fabrics
  10. Blood Donation Camp: Blood donation camp was organized at Alankar P.G. Girls College . The camp was organized by the NSS Cell. A team of 2 doctors and 5 nurses came for collection of blood. About 100 girls donated blood in the camp. A certificate of appreciation, donation card, refreshment was given to each donor as a token of gratitude. The college gestured in bringing a ray of hope to contribute to the serious problems of shortage of blood. Donation of blood is very critical and crucial for saving lives, many patients and those who have met with accidents. It is as such a great service or contribution to the society and people living in it.
  11. National Nutrition Week: At Alankar Mahila Mahavidyalya, 1 to 7 September was celebrated as National Nutrition Week to raise awareness on the importance of nutrition for health. Department of Home Science organized a exhibition portraying malnutrition in the country which is expected to worsen as a result of the limited resources of then nutrition under the guidance of Dr. Jaya Sharma, Asst. Prof. in Department of Home Science.
  12. World Suicide Prevention Day: A Poster/Slogan Exhibition was being organised by the Department of Psychology & Sociology which was held on Friday, September 10thfor the occasion of “World Suicide Prevention Day” at Alankar Mahila P.G. Mahavidyalaya campus. The theme of this event was “Creating Hope Through Action.” World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), celebrated annually on 10 September, is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The event represents a global commitment to focus attention on suicide prevention.The overall goal of this day is to raise awareness about suicide prevention.